High technology development parts, the aim of our factory is to create complex high end parts for engines and peripherals on racing motorcycles.

We are taking over global projects from the design and manufacture to final testing to attend your specific needs.

For this we use the best technologies as well as qualified partners to make high value parts to increase the potential of your motorcycle.


We integrated all of competencies to master each stage of the projects and guarantee greater flexibility on development.


The goal is to offer solutions to be able to continue riding these factory bikes, maybe just what we need to get these bikes back on the race track and have fun again.




Quality, reliability and high precision parts are the pillars of our company.


Our quality system allows us to master every step of manufacturing to guarantee the best reliability of our products.

From design to delivery, quality management pilots our actions to work with the best technologies and anticipate the non-conformities.

Incoming inspection, manufacturing, subcontracting and delivery, each process is implemented in our ERP. We manage the serial numbers of each parts in order to monitor the product life and capitalize our experience on your returns. The sets of control reports are saved and stored in our data base in order to follow and keep technical history.

With your feedback, we make continuous improvement.

We follow our customers to ensure a service at every moment.


The handcraft making with an industrial approach.